Hello everybody. I am Ted Tetsuo and it has been more than one year I learn blogging and getting online earning. Basically people call what I am doing as internet marketing. This time I will be more focus on talking and discussing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I will share SEO tips and tricks, lessons and stories too! I like stories, especially the funny and inspirational ones. Even though I am not consider myself as an SEO expert, I encourage myself to participate Busby SEO Test. This blog is dedicated to this challenge. See my first article about Busby. For you who are willing to support me in this competition, it will be greatly appreciated. And for those of you who don’t know me yet, my real name is Teddy Siswanto. Please support me in this contest :)

Apr 03

car wash with good customer careLast night I just have a brainstorming meeting with friends. We are some guys who plan to quit from our job and start to think about having an own business. Many business ideas were brought out that night. A friend came up with a food franchise like fried potato, or just a fresh drink like tea and juice. Having a food business actually is good because usually the profit is big.

We started to think about business that we all like, which are related to cars. After doing some more thinking, we began to find some alternatives. Opening a car wash seems to be a good idea. It can be expanded to be a car accessories store.

Dec 14

Hello fellow internet marketers! Many of you might like to play game as doing your business in the internet. Actually there is a lot of opportunity in doing business related to online games and internet entertainment. For those of you who like to play game, you can do business in the field that relates to your hobby. There is a business called buy wow toon. It is a business of buying and selling accounts of wow (World of Warcraft). This wow accounts buy things has been on the internet for quite a long time. There is one site that I know that sells various type of account and actually it sells wow cheap accounts too.

Feb 23

internet marketing limousineHello again internet marketers. Recently I have a lot of discussions among the bloggers and internet marketers about traveling. It is indeed a quite interesting topic for me and one thing that caught my attention about travel is limo services. One of my friends mentioned about the tips about Dallas limo.

Basically there are three things you need to consider in selecting limo services. According to him, price is the most considerable factor. Also, there are at least two kinds of payment methods. Advance payment, or half advance and half on delivery. The second type of payment is recommended. There are many out there, limo service that ignore the insurance. The insurance of limousine is very high. That’s why many companies choose to ignore it, but yet that is very important. Hiring an uninsured limo can cause serious problem. Many limo service providers are not providing the service within legal parameters. These things should be avoided. To safe a lot of time, hiring a limo online is a good choice. As you see now there are many businesses go online. You will also be able to order limo via online. It is also save time to do research first to find the eligible limo company.

Jan 19

Busby SEO Test - class in student travelWithout warning we already got to the other half of the month January in 2009. Well, event though its maybe a little bit late I want to say Happy New Year to all of you guys. At the end of this January, the Busby SEO Test will be ended. I have to accept the fact that until now I only get in 23rd position in the Busby SEO Test leader board. Well, whatever will be, will be. I just want to keep on working on it while I still have some time left.

Dec 27

friendster-logo-smallHello everybody, you want to support me in this Busby SEO Test competition? Simply just give us a backlink in your blog. Here is a tutorial how to do it in your Friedster blog. Friendster now is using WordPress as its blog engine, so it will be very simple to do it. Please follow the instruction :)

Dec 26

Busby SEO Test message
Sorry to bother you, but this is VERY IMPORTANT. Usually I always try to post about Busby SEO Test, SEO related or other things related to Busby or the competition, but like I said, this is very important.

Busby SEO Test christmas giftI have a friend coming from far away but he has no place to live. Because you are my friend, I want you to provide the place for Him. His name is Jesus from Nazareth. Please accept him and love him.

Yes, He is coming to earth with a big mission. Living among us and become like us, so that we can become like Him. Merry Christmas everybody. May your day be blessed, and the peace, joyful and all the goodness of Christmas be with you always.

Dec 23

Busby SEO Test on web hosting ranking for your SEO sitesWhile Busby SEO Test is still continue and each contestant is busy optimizing the site, in this article I want to bring up a topic about web hosting.

What is web hosting bluebook? It is a research guide for you who want to know about the hosting services of different companies. The image on this post is the hosting leader board so far. It is updated regularly. Here are the top 10 hosting company:
Host Monster, In Motion Hosting, Web Hosting Pad, Star Logic, Host Gator, Blue Host, IX Web Hosting, 1 and 1, Go Daddy, Yahoo Web Hosting. This list is not arranged by the price only, but each factor has score, and that is the final result.

For SEO specialist like me, the server where I put my files is also important. The reliable server can make a different Busby SEO Test result.

Dec 09

Busby SEO Test - ACLS TestBusby SEO Test is still going on. This time I have an opportunity to present this article for you. This article is about ACLS test.

The pediatric advanced life support (PALS) or advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) online certification courses are designed to help you that have busy lifestyles. AMRI offer the complete ACLS and PALS provider education courses conducted totally online. You will get the convenience of studying from your homes while still meeting the continuing education requirements for your professions.

You can choose the type of preparation that suited for your individual needs and learning styles. Use the textbooks, study guides, manuals, workbooks, audio and video tapes, or live professional education activities based on the 2005 Guidelines for CPR and ECC. They have staff members that can help you with the registration process and answer your questions. After you register, you’ll receive instructions about how to complete your clinical skill performance evaluation using your clinical educators. You can take the examination whenever you are ready. You are not allowed to copying, printing, saving, or transferring the contents of your examination.

If you failed the examination, you will be assigned an online education specialist that will review your areas of difficulty, suggest methods of remediation. When you are ready, you can take again your examination with no additional charge.

Nov 08

Busby SEO Story behind the blog
Why this blog is called Busby SEO Test Blog? It used to be Anne Ahira blog. First, there is something I have to admit about this blog. This is the story about why this blog is created.

Oct 27

Busby SEO Test introduction archieve 1Just recently I decided to change the orientation of this blog. This used to be talking about Anne Ahira and internet marketing. But since I want to participate this Busby SEO Test contest, I’m kinda change orientation. I made a change on my introduction (paragraphs that appear on top of this blog front page). Just for an old time sake I decided to archieve them. This is my introduction for August 2008 until October 2008.